How does a pre-order work?

To ensure we produce responsibly, we run pre-orders on products, ensuring all items produced are done so intentionally. Once a pre-order is placed, it is dispatched to our manufacturers and can take up to 6 weeks to be completed. Once completed, pre-ordered items are shipped to our head office, which is then dispatched to individual customers. It can take up to 7 business days for the work to reach us, and once shipped out can take 3-7 business days to be delivered within Canada and up to 10 days internationally.

If you have any questions regarding the preorder, kindly reach out:

How long is shipping?

In stock products ship within 7 business days of order placement, with the exception of pre-orders.

Pre-order products will have a longer turn around time, from production to delivery to customer. Each product will contain estimated delivery time, kindly read through.

For local and International shopping, click here to learn more.

What payment forms do you accept?

We use Shopify to host our store, and as such accept all major credit cards. If you are having issues with your card, kind contact us for assistance:

Where else can we shop Atelier MBOKA?

For the time being, you can shop Atelier MBOKA primarily from our website.

Customer Service

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Returns and Exchanges

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Our Commitments

Atelier MBOKA aims to build an inclusive value chain, working with manufacturers and artisans at different capacity. We consider manufacturers that are close to the raw materials that we are interested in exploring, ensuring that we are adding value locally and at the same time reducing our carbon footprint. We are committed to the people who make our products, ensuring their social and econoic wellbeing.

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Sustainability is a journey and not an end destination. As a brand, we are always thinking about how to best produce, keeping in mind both people and planet. We passionate about ensuring that our items are produced closer to the source of natural materials. While we are passionate about our natural environment, it is paramount that those who produce our goods do so in safe, health and dignified conditions.

Ethical Production

Our efforts towards ethical production and sustainability are intrinsically tied. We work diligently through the design and production of each item to ensure production at source, allowing us to add value to locally sourced materials. We are passionate about people, ensuring that our producers are paid well.

Wholesale Inquiries

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