• Atelier MBOKA aims to build an inclusive value chain, working with manufacturers and artisans at different capacity.

    We consider manufacturers that are close to the raw materials that we are interested in exploring, ensuring that we are adding value locally and at the same time reducing our carbon footprint. A 3-tier production model also helps us in the goal of building an inclusive value chain, ensuring that the works of local and independent artisans are valued equally alongside more standard, large-scale manufacturers. This allows us to continue supporting economic empowerment of artisans, primarily women and youth as we grow. Across the 3 tiers, we prioritize decent work and working conditions for artisans and producers at different levels of the product value chain.


    Atelier MBOKA is passionate about material exploration to create unique and bold accessories. We are exploring materials locally, ensuring that we are producing as close to source as possible.

  • TIER 1

    Tier 1 manufacturers refer to standardized manufacturing factories. These are vetted factories with larger production capacities that allow us to produce at scale.

  • TIER 2

    Tier 2 manufacturers are smaller family-owned factories with sizeable production capacity. These factories must also adhere to our guidelines around ethical production.

  • TIER 3

    Tier 3 manufacturers are our artisan partners. These are smaller, informal producers requiring additional capacity building for them to grow their production.